Monday, 23 June 2014

The eyebrow of doom...

Gaius - wip
Hello Merlin fans... sorry it took me a while to catch up. Yes, I've started watching Merlin. And as is my way... it is neither the super lovely Colin Morgan playing Merlin nor the dashingly handsome Bradley James playing Arthur... or indeed the always awesome and charismatic Anthony Head in the role of King Uther (I love that name... Uuuutheeer!)... who has got all my 'bat senses tingling' as it were. Nope... It's the court physician, Gaius, played by 'shame on you he's old enough to be your grand father' Richard Wilson. But by Jove how I can't help but love the old potion brewing, scruffy looking, ex-sorcerer and his 'eyebrow of doom!'

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