Friday, 13 June 2014

Labour of love...

Aichel - wip
Aichel is one of those funny characters who plays such a huge role in the story although he isn't actually in it. But everything that happens was set in motion by him, and all because of those he loved and those who loved him. He was the man with the plan, and even though he knew the plan would have to involve him dying he never strayed from it, much to the annoyance of those he left behind. Partially because they deeply mourned his loss and partially because he wasn't really one for leaving clear instructions.
I've only attempted painting him once before and he just didn't look right. Mainly because I couldn't quite see him. But then James McAvoy popped up on Tumblr the other day and the fog seems to have started to lift.
But I'm tired now and must go sleep.
Work in progress... just add it to the pile ;-)

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