Thursday, 6 February 2014

29 faces Challenge

Brian's face
So I came across this '29 Faces Challenge' today where you create a face every day of February, and I thought I'd give it a go. Whether I'll actually manage it is another thing, I'm already four behind ;-)
It was suggested that you try out something you're not used to... so although I have remained in the digital realm, I have used a very different approach. I used a scan of watercolour on paper as a backdrop and painted straight onto it without any initial sketch. It felt really odd. You wonderful artists out there who can just do that, I salute you! I feel lost without my starting sketch. So I think that shall be my challenge for this 29 face thing.
So here's my first entry... Brain Jones on watercolour paper... SYMBOLISM! ;-) I did enjoy painting it although it did lead to me listening to old Rolling Stones interviews and lamenting the loss of lovely Brian. HEART SQUEEEZE!
I'll call it wip for now, seeing as I'm not sure whether to work on it a bit more later on.