Monday, 30 September 2013

Autumnal Brooding

Elf King Eirian
Sooo... this is what I got up to this evening after having watched as many repeats of QI on Dave as I could justify. I get so easily tired these days, what with my sinuses trying to cut off my air supply and such.
Another one from my Middle earth type story. King Eirian lord of Euraid Meysydd (Golden Fields) - affectionately referred to by his subjects as the Grass King. Brother of Aisis best friend of Freyndyal.
Haven't quite decided yet whether to polish it off or leave it as a sketch.
But that is all for now.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Markus Kingdom - revisited

Markus Kingdom - v2 in progress
So, I've been a bit ill again. Cold, sinus problems etc. Trouble is I can't focus on anything when my head feels like it's about to explode and I have stupid headaches.
So to ease myself back in to a spot of painting today I decided to revisit a character from earlier - Markus Kingdom. Having changed the way I work somewhat since my first attempt at this fella I've wanted to revisit him for a while. This is closer to how I actually imagined him. And closer to the original sketch I drew which I have also posted here. Work in progress.

Markus Kingdom - pencil sketch

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Between a rock and a song sheet

David Turner - wip
It was quite a while ago that I posted the first draft of David Turner, the singing geologist, and he's rapidly becoming a bit of a never-ending story... don't even think about singing the song... too late, it's in my head now...
The body on this one has been driving me bonkers. Admittedly, trying to work on it this week while I've been ill hasn't helped either.
But why? You might rightfully ask... why is he so bothersome? Because... he's got a bottom half too which I'm currently not posting 'cause he's stark bollock etc. Eventually the bollock bit will be covered by wallpaper and shadow... but at the moment I'm just trying to get him to look half decent, even if he is, technically speaking, indecent;-)
Anyway...Still very much work in progress.
And, yes I know he's got a nipple missing, I haven't got around to painting it yet:-D

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sorcery at Night

Raynfalg - Rhinwyr
The second one of Raynfalg done. It's night time... and according to my brother, Rayn is brooding in the dark. He wasn't meant to be... but my brother has spoken. So... keep on brooding Mr Magic.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Rayn in progress

Rayn - wip
Well, the holidays are over. Once again painting time is limited to late nights and weekends. But here's a little work in progress of another one of Raynfalg. And now I must sleep.
Hope you likey:-)

Monday, 9 September 2013

Raynfalg - Rhinwyr

Raynfalg - Rhinwyr
One visually impaired sorcerer - done!


Raynfalg - Sorcerer
Work in progress of Raynfalg, one of the sorcerers from my middle earth style story. Rayn almost lost his eyesight in a fight when he was very young. Though he can still see his eyes are extremely sensitive to light, hence the emo-esque fringe and the large, peaked hood on his cloak - think Ass Creed style hood;-)
Hope you like him.

Friday, 6 September 2013


Freyndyal - his sister's keeper
All righty then.... Freyn - full name Freyndyal - is done.
Longstanding friend and confidant of King Eirian, Freyn was appointed guardian of the king's younger sister from the moment she was born. He has always considered his task a great honour and has approached it with the utmost dedication. Wherever the girl goes, Freyn is never far behind, earning him the nickname cysgod (shadow).
If anyone thinks there is a slight resemblance between Freyn and Merlin actor Colin Morgan... then they would be right. My good friend and fellow La Nova singer, the amazing anatomy professor Pat is a huge Colin Morgan fan, and has said on several occasions that I should use him for a painting. Well, professor... this one's for you. Hope you like him with pointy ears.

Elvish up-do

Freyn - y Cysgod

So, I've been drawing some of the characters from my lotr style story. Mainly dwarfs:-) Lots of drawing... so after I'd sketched up one of the elves this afternoon, I thought, oh heck, lets paint for a bit. Just a quickie wip from this evening.
This is Freyn.
Hope you likey:-)

Sunday, 1 September 2013

At your fingertips...


Finally finished my little handventure. Enjoy:-)

Dark days...

Moerk Daag
'Moerk was slightly taken aback when he realised just how large the demon Ausubel actually was.'
One disconcerted necromancer... done!