Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!

A photo of me by the sea on hols in DK.

And so as we're racing towards the final hours of 2013 I just wanted to say hi there and wish everyone a fabulous year to come.

A lot of people have, if not new year's resolutions, then at least some ideas of what they're going to change in the new year, ranging from the mundane and plausibly achieveable to the wildly over ambitious.

So I'd like to focus on what I'm NOT going to change. I'm going to look at all the stuff that I have been doing that I'm going to keep on doing... even more so!
Riding my fabulous motor bike Sully, goes without saying ;-)

First and foremost - drawing and painting. I love it... plain and simple. Yes, I sit up 'til stupid hours in the morning and then have to get up and got to work. Doesn't matter. And I'm gonna keep on trucking as though my life depended on it... 'cause it kinda does ;-) Without it, all that I am would wither and die. I know that may sound a bit grandiose... but my fellow artists out there... you know what I mean :-)

Secondly... I'm going to keep not watching the news at all, ever. I don't think anyone needs the aggravation and sinking feeling of despair caused by being exposed to that contnues stream of whiney misery. Yes, there's a lot of shit going on out there... but being beaten about the head with it daily in the knowledge that most of it I can do bugger all about... that doesn't enhance my life. And it's an hour of you life every day... An hour! Think of all the fun you could have in that hour instead! I realised that a long time ago and I haven't looked back.

And thirdly... I'm going to keep trying to believe that basically people are decent and nice. It's a toughie sometimes seeing as we are constantly surrounded by a media that's obsessed with pointing fingers and throwing blame around... but do you know what helps?... YOU DO! All I have to do is think of everyone I know... and it's a fair few people by now... Some of you are close by, I see you often, some of you are scattered across the globe and I haven't seen you in years, but the marvels of technology and all that jazz means you're only a phone call or send button away.... and by golly you're all lovely!
I heard this great bit of advice earlier this year... 'envy will eat you alive.' Every time I feel the slightest pang over something someone has that I don't - usually it's artistic talent and the ability to live of their art ;-) - I remember that sentence, and it makes me remember to focus on what I have got... and it's pretty, darn groovy :-)
So if you ever get that nasty, nagging feeling of being hard done by and everyone else being better off... just remember that one sentence and think of the awesome things you already have and can do.

And so... without further ado... Let us venture forward with curiosity, excitement, great panache and a wide grin on our faces. It's a beautiful world and if someone tells you otherwise just keep giving them big sloppy kisses until they stop being such bloody Moaning Myrtles.

Happy New Year everyone! You are awesome... have fun and be excellent to each other! :-)


Saturday, 28 December 2013

Demons and Dreaming Spires

Tywell - wip
I have been busy making more character sketches over the last few days and writing, so not so much painting. Still battling with the bamboo, but here's another wip for the wip pile.
This is Tywell the possessed demon hunter. Unable to shake the lovely Sean Bean from my mind recently I was struggling to find the right face with the appropriate pained expression for him. Eventually I found it in Oxford in an episode of Lewis of all places :-)

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Getting to knooow yooou!

Mr P - wip
Just a little painting to get me adjusted. I've brought my Bamboo with me on Christmas hols and it handles a bit differently to my Intuos 4 that I use at home. Also, it makes the most infuriating scratching noise when the pen moves across the tablet. But it's definitively better than having no pen and tablet. Work in progress:-)
And hey! Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Commencing Christmas

The Earl - in progress
My Christmas break officially started today, so I made an extra effort to paint something. So I played around with the Earl for a bit. Still feeling awkward though. Work in progress.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Head in the clouds

Three creature designs I made during today's digipaint sessions with year 1. Once again looking at the techniques of Aron Simms, these faces were painted using pictures of clouds and a hairless cat for textures. Good fun working out of my comfort zone. And at least I'm doing something while I'm waiting for my creativity and inspiration to return.

Cauliflower Head
Demon Chihuahua

Mr Floaty