Thursday, 27 June 2013

Even Earl-ier...

So somehow I seem to have been dragged towards the Earl's teenage years rather than towards the area of mid-life crisis which is the age he is actually meant to have... Did they actually have that back in the old west? Did men start buying swanky stage coaches and ride around with young ladies in them? At any rate, if the Earl did have one, I'm sure he'd just buy lots of silk ties and fancy hats.
There's a reason for this Earl-y portrait though... which will become clear later.
Work in progress... enjoy:-)

Finger paint

Still not done with this one... but there is some progress. So here's another wip. Enjoy:-)

Friday, 21 June 2013

A suitable suit...

Got a bit s stuck with the outfit... but I thought I'd post another, newer wip of this seeing as there has been some changes to the face. Also, I'm currently not sure about the background and the hair either... I need some sleep, I think:-)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Brilliant Blue...

The Earl
Another wip of the Earl. This time looking rather youthful... and wearing one of his trademark top hats.
The Earl says 'There is always an occasion to wear a silk shirt.'
He also says 'Go to bed darlin', it's almost three in the bloody mornin'.'
And who am I to argue with the Earl.
Hope you like him.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Earl

The Earl
I've got an ear ache again... I should have seen it coming since my ear started making peculiar noises a few days ago... I am not amused.
So, since I couldn't sleep for it.. and I tend to burn the midnight oil anyway... I decided to do a bit of character exploring for my Western.
At the other end of the spectrum of my dusty, squinty lawman we have 'The Earl'. Entrepreneur, banjo player, one with the ladies and owner of the local shopping emporium in which you can buy almost anything. This is one of the few occasions where he is not wearing one of his many top hats. He usually dons a top hat at any occasion since he feels it gives him the distinguished appearance of a Victorian gentleman... also, it hides the fact that his hair is starting to thin at the top. I've always seen him looking akin to an older Tom Petty.
Ever keen to be the trendsetter the Earl is always ready with a spot of good fashion advice... The Earl says: This season the 'in' colours to go for are teal and turquoise, and don't forget to accessorise with a matching bolo tie... you'll find all the latest styles at 'The Earl's Shopping Emporium';-)
Hand drawn sketch, painted in PS... Work in progress.
Enjoy and good night.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Shine a little light...

Seeing as my last painting was somewhat lurking in the darkness, I thought I'd turn up the lights for the next one. Work in progress.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hybrid Holmes


Sherlock - close-up

Well, it's been quite the Holmes bonanza recently watching my box-set with Jeremy Brett, the films with Downey Jr. and of course the newest addition with Cumberbatch... and because it's hard to pick a favourite... I shan't! Instead I doodled a sketch which incorporated some of my favourite Holmes features from his various incarnations and painted it in PS.
I hope you like him:-)