Friday, 26 July 2013

Final touches

Brian Jones with Saint Adjutor

I've noticed that Brian Jones often seemed to sport a thin gold chain with a pendant, so it seemed only right to finish this one with the same. Since I don't not know what was on his pendant and seeing as I'm so fond of 'SYMBOLISM' I made my Brian a pendant with Saint Adjutor on it... You get special points of nerdness if you can guess what he is the patron saint of.

Well-bred Brian...

Brian Jones

So I got fed up with the knitwear... Let's hope the weather doesn't change for the worse;-) Haven't quite decided if I'm done with this one yet. We shall see.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Sympathy for Mr Jones

Mr Jones

I it seems a bit impolite to complain about the weather when summer weather like this is so rare... but I'm just not made for the heat. For days now it's been racing past 30 degrees Celsius... I believe that's around 86 Fahrenheit. And it makes me muggy in the head and dizzy. Though some would say I always seem muggy in the head;-)
I've been trying paint for days... and I just couldn't manage. Yeah, call me a wuss, I'm a Scandi... made for the cold.
Anyhoo... here's the first draft of Brian. Still a long way to go... but it's the first I've managed for days, so there.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Don't come around here no more...

Thomas Earl
So... as mentioned earlier, there was a reason I chose to backtrack a bit and paint the Earl in his late teens. The Earl's father was a really nasty piece of work, particularly when he'd been drinking. He never did like his oldest son much. Thought he was a girlie looking push-over, and so had a habit of regularly pushing him over... with his fists. Luckily he stepped out onto rail tracks in in a drunken stupor, right in front of a train. Nothing left but his shoes. 'All is well that ends well' as the Earl likes to point out.

I've wanted to practice bruises and such for a while so the Earl's troubled childhood seemed like a good place to start.
Here he is below, sans injuries. See, it's all just done with a Wacom pen;-)

Thomas Earl