Monday, 24 February 2014

The return of the singing geologist...

Today's face is called David Turner, or DT, a character from one of my sci-fi universes.
Shamelessly based on a young David Bowie, DT is a geologist, a singer and a chameleon. Yes, he really does blend in with his surroundings when he wants to. His albino like appearance was caused by a genetic change when he was five when he was accidentally given Kahva blood during an operation. This resulted in a merging of the Kahva and human cells leaving DT with his ghostly appearance and the Kahva signature trait of taking on the colouring and pattern of anything they touch.
Yes, my rich internal life strikes again... what can I say? I keep myself entertained ;-)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you :-) Normally he dyes his hair and wears colourful contact lenses... but I was in a 'translucent' mood ;-)

  2. This is beautiful. And I love that it has a whole story behind it, too. Everyone needs a healthy dose of imagination :)

  3. oh it's healthy all right;-) all my characters have elaborate backstories. it's really rather jolly, I get to know them as I design and paint them :-) also, I love writing.