Sunday, 6 April 2014

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Maxwell Oliver Macrae - wip
Tonight's wip is another character from my western - Maxwell Oliver Macrae. So spectacular they nicknamed him twice as he is always referred to as either 'Mom' or 'Maxo'.
Due to his extremely sunny disposition Maxo has become the natural agony aunt of his friends, since his bright and sparkly attitude towards life lends itself brilliantly to cheering up anyone suffering from the blues. As a result, anyone feeling a bit down is almost instantly advised to ‘go and have a chat to Mom’. Always impeccably dressed, Maxo works for the Earl in the shopping emporium as a tailor and appointed shop floor ‘customer relations supervisor’, a job title made up by the Earl to give him an excuse to have Maxo hang around in the shop and beam his inherent happiness onto any customer who enters the emporium. It is said that his smile is so spellbinding it will inevitably result in a sale. Maxo is an excellent dancer and plays the piano in the Earl’s band.
His dapper looks and affinity for dance are inspired by the ever fabulous and super charming Don O'Connor.

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