Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Can I speak to the manager, please...

Eddie - wip
So, I got a trapped nerve under my shoulder blade. I was hoping it would keep my mind of the blinking noises in my ears... it isn't. Bum. Luckily the Bad Lip Reading treatment of Game of Thrones is cheering me up no ends. I haven't actually watched GOT. And having seen BLR turn it into a trailer for a surreal comedy in a medieval theme park I'm not sure the real series would hold up by comparison;-)
And so I just couldn't resist a little painting of my favorite medieval theme park manager, long suffering Eddie. His main problem being that 'a lot of the employees work about as hard as a bucket of apples'.
Watch BLT GOT here if you don't know what i'm on about;-)
Work in progress.

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