Friday, 6 September 2013


Freyndyal - his sister's keeper
All righty then.... Freyn - full name Freyndyal - is done.
Longstanding friend and confidant of King Eirian, Freyn was appointed guardian of the king's younger sister from the moment she was born. He has always considered his task a great honour and has approached it with the utmost dedication. Wherever the girl goes, Freyn is never far behind, earning him the nickname cysgod (shadow).
If anyone thinks there is a slight resemblance between Freyn and Merlin actor Colin Morgan... then they would be right. My good friend and fellow La Nova singer, the amazing anatomy professor Pat is a huge Colin Morgan fan, and has said on several occasions that I should use him for a painting. Well, professor... this one's for you. Hope you like him with pointy ears.

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