Saturday, 21 September 2013

Between a rock and a song sheet

David Turner - wip
It was quite a while ago that I posted the first draft of David Turner, the singing geologist, and he's rapidly becoming a bit of a never-ending story... don't even think about singing the song... too late, it's in my head now...
The body on this one has been driving me bonkers. Admittedly, trying to work on it this week while I've been ill hasn't helped either.
But why? You might rightfully ask... why is he so bothersome? Because... he's got a bottom half too which I'm currently not posting 'cause he's stark bollock etc. Eventually the bollock bit will be covered by wallpaper and shadow... but at the moment I'm just trying to get him to look half decent, even if he is, technically speaking, indecent;-)
Anyway...Still very much work in progress.
And, yes I know he's got a nipple missing, I haven't got around to painting it yet:-D

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