Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Moerk Daag - Necromancer with a sunny disposition

Moerk Daag - wip
So here's a wip of Moerk Dag, necromancer with a sunny disposition... and he'll need it too since he's been imprisoned inside a dragon for over a decade and still haven't figured out a way to get out. Moerk is the baddie in a little story I made up involving dragons, wizards, sorcerers, elfs, dwarfs, nasty monsters and generally lots of middle earthy kinda things. And to make me feel a bit better about Thorin and nephews croaking it in the Hobbit, in my story no dwarfs die - at least not permanently... and one of them even gets the girl in the end... Yes I know that the moral of the Hobbit and the journey of the characters rather require the the ending that it has... I get it... But I'm a sucker for happy endings... In my story the dwarfs live... Look at all the majestic f***s I give.

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