Friday, 2 August 2013

Don't hair-do me like that...

Having watched The Hobbit again the other evening I realised that the Lord of the Rings universe is... hairy! I mean, really hairy... Everyone has tons of hair! Long flowing elf locks, slightly shorter, but still long, less well-groomed human locks, masses of curly, swirly hobbit locks and of course epic, shaggy dwarf locks... and beards... lots and lots of beards. Which I don't mind at all I hasten to add... after all, without beards and big hair the dwarfs in particular would be a lot less sexy... and yes, I freely admit I have huge, girly crush on Thorin Oakenshield... I love all the hair and beard it's epic! But just once it would be nice to see someone, anyone, with a short do... Hence this painting.
Work in progress.

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