Saturday, 13 April 2013

It's a gut feeling

... and it's a crap one! My innards have been kicking up a fuss this week, resulting in a really annoying dull stomach ache which has pestered me for almost three days now. I'm always amazed at how much physical discomfort affects your concentration and creativity... I mean it's not like I'm writhing around in agony, but it still distracts me big time.
I attempted some painting these last few evenings, but just didn't get very far... but I thought I'd post the 'progress' on one of them anyway. So here's my marshall again, looking mildly displeased... man, it would suck suffering from IBS if you had to ride horses all day!


  1. Wow, all I can say is I wish my digital work were as 'crap' as this! xD
    Wonderful WIP as always Anne, hope your tummy feels better soon :)

  2. Thank you:-) I am on the mend, which is good... it was making my mood all 'crappy';-)