Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Chew that lip!

Today I discovered a sketch I drew about four years ago of  a guy biting his lip. Back when painting in Photoshop was all new and baffling to me. And so not much happened in the colour department and the sketch went in the sketch pile.

Lip - pencil sketch

So I decided to to paint him this afternoon. Took about four hours which I found was ever so appropriate since the sketch is about four years old. One hour for every year in the sketch pile;-)
I love digital painting, but I still can't start any painting unless I have a hand drawn sketch to start from. Hand drawn sketches I salute you!



  1. Excellent as always!

    I tried drawing a lip biting expression awhile back, and found, like most things in art, it's reassuringly difficult -lol-

    How fantastic too to finally finish up a four year old sketch :D That does inspire me to rummage through my ever-growing pile of scribbles and perhaps actually do something with them . .

  2. Oh, I can heartily recommend rummaging... it's such good fun, and you just can't tell what you might end up digging out:-)