Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Larimar Feldspar Stones

Larimar Feldspar 'Precious' Stones

Precious - close-up 01

Precious - close-up 02

Larimar's geologist parents were not without a sense of humour. Having carefully selected what they felt were elegant and sophisticated first and middle names to go with their son's stoic surname, they promptly referred to him only as 'Precious'.
Whether or not this had any bearing on Precious growing up to become anything but elegant and sophisticated is anyone's guess. He also had no interest in rocks whatsoever. Since childhood he was far more intrigued by the aircraft that took him and his parents off to their exotic locations hunting for gems rather than the actual exotic location itself. So it was really always in the cards that Precious would choose a career as a pilot... specialising in the transportation of precious stones.

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