Friday, 1 February 2013

It must be love...


Valentine - close-up 01

Valentine - close-up 02

And there are many kinds of love...
My brother asked me to paint a zombie for him... and I don't love zombies... but I love my brother, so I ventured forth. He said I could do whatever I wanted, so I decided to base the painting around two things that I absolutely do love. Mummies and happy endings.
I got stuck with the design for ages, in fact an earlier version of this was posted on the blog last year. I had some groovy comments from people about blood and gore, and then I saw a fabulous programme about South American mummies... and suddenly it started coming together.
It's been done for a little while now, but I wanted to make sure my darling brother got his A1 print first before I posted it on-line. And it took ages to arrive, so long in fact I was worried it had got lost in the post. But he got it today! Yay!
So here he is, Valentine. He died on route to his first date with this girl he had a really, really, REALLY, big crush on and after a brief detour of decomposing and drying out in a ditch he's finally made it to her front door. I hope she'll love him as much as I ended up doing.


  1. Hi LBS :) The printed version has an even darker background. It think that works even better for the picture since that gives the look of Valentine walking out from shadow into light. Epicness :)

  2. Thank you:-) It's dark on my monitor the same way it is on the print. That's how it's meant to be. Everything seems to come up brigther when I post it on the web.

  3. There, he has now been re-uploaded into the post looking darker. As he was meant to:-)