Sunday, 15 March 2015

Beautiful nightmare

I like writing, always have. Sometimes I have really vivid dreams with plots and characters and I wake up and try to write down as much of it as I can remember. A few years ago now I  had a snippet of a dream... about this guy. I'm guessing I must have been exposed to something Frankenstein's Monster-esque at the time. I don't remember anymore. Long story short, I woke up intrigued... Who was he? What had happened to him? Unfortunately the dream offered up very little in way of answers to these questions. I have been trying to piece his story together ever since. He didn't have a name, so for now I've called him Ben and although his story is still on-going I can promise one thing... he'll get a happy ending :-)
I decided to road test a brush from the 'Ditlev Fine Art' PS brush set which I have had for ages but had yet to use.

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