Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Angry Elf Post

Cysgod - wip

Cysgod - wip (Don't know why he's grinnin', 'cause I certainly ain't)

Eirian - wip
Eirian -wip

I really cannot express how much I hate having 'artist's block'... or whatever you want to call it. It's just so stressful...  and down right unpleasant... I get all knotted up inside thinking what if it doesn't go away?... what if I can't paint anything ever again? Yes, I know it may sound a bit over-dramatic... but fellow artists out there... you know what I mean.
Anyway... just to prove that I have I have attempted something in the two weeks since my last post... here are the four elves that survived my aggravated deleting of paintings that didn't work out. Usually elves relax me... but right now nothing seems to do the trick. None of these are finished... In spite of daily attempts they just 'hang' there and do nothing.
Right now frustration really is incorporated... in every blinkin' painting.
In the words of Charlie Brown - 'Aaaaaaargh!'

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