Monday, 1 July 2013

Don't come around here no more...

Thomas Earl
So... as mentioned earlier, there was a reason I chose to backtrack a bit and paint the Earl in his late teens. The Earl's father was a really nasty piece of work, particularly when he'd been drinking. He never did like his oldest son much. Thought he was a girlie looking push-over, and so had a habit of regularly pushing him over... with his fists. Luckily he stepped out onto rail tracks in in a drunken stupor, right in front of a train. Nothing left but his shoes. 'All is well that ends well' as the Earl likes to point out.

I've wanted to practice bruises and such for a while so the Earl's troubled childhood seemed like a good place to start.
Here he is below, sans injuries. See, it's all just done with a Wacom pen;-)

Thomas Earl

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