Monday, 4 March 2013

Precious little to say

Precious Stones

Precious Stones - close-up 01

Precious Stones - close-up 02

Precious gazed across the small dusty runway and the parked airplanes lining it, shimmering in the heat of the midday sun. He put on an appropriately sultry looking pout and considered donning his sunglasses to add to the effect, then sauntered along glancing casually at the planes with a vaguely interested expression on his face. Eventually he reached the final aircraft and turned around. With his brows furrowing ever deeper he wondered how on earth he had managed to misplace an entire airplane… again. He had checked every one of them none of them was his, it simply wasn’t there. He looked back at the glorified barn functioning as both hangar and airfield control tower. His eyes darted across the massive painted on sign on the side of the building announcing that this was ‘Billy Ray’s Private Airfield’. Precious sighed silently and made his way to the gate providing the exit off the runway. It was the wrong airfield.

The second outing of Precious Stones done. Special thanks to Tom Petty for having awesome hair and Peter Weller for having big, poofy lips... one of my favourite features of Robocop:-)
Once again painted in Photoshop from a hand drawn sketch. Enjoy:-)

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