Monday, 31 December 2012

Mad Matty

Another work in progress.
Matthew Wilcox, Professor in Astro Physics. Mainly referred to as Mad Matty Wilcox or Mad Matty.
Extremely introvert character who finds it easier to relate to particles than other human beings. Not taking into account of course that other human beings are in fact particles.

Teaches astronomy and particle physics at a university, also extremely active researcher and writer of journals and papers. Often presents papers at conferences which cause his fellow physicists to shake their heads in disbelief, giggle or walk out feeling slightly nauseous.
Favourite element: the element of Surprise!
And on that note... A huge thank you to super-insprational, real life professor Brian Cox for making brilliant programmes and writing amazing books about particle physics and such. He's one of my big brain heros and I dedicate the teeth in this picture to him. Professor Cox you're a real star!

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