Friday, 3 August 2012

I hate zombies...

My beloved brother asked me to paint him a zombie picture... knowing full well how much I hate zombies. But because i love him soo much, I of course agreed. However, I cleverly went down the more dried-out mummy-esque route. I love mummies! I wanted to be an Egyptologist for ages. Anyhoo... I'm a little stuck with the image. I just can't think of anything satisfactory to do with the chest. So, I'm putting a call out for suggestions. This is still very much work in progress, nothing set in stone, so all suggestions welcome!


  1. Give him some rotting decaying flesh, maybe a hanging eye ball? missing teeth, patchy hair... there is a really good book on drawing and painting the undead by Keith Thompson that might be worth a look see... also perhaps look at some walking dead episodes for reference material? Ok, that's all I got for ya today m'am.

    1. Thanks for that. I just can't go down the rot route. I was forced to eat jelly wearing a blind-fold as a kid. Not by my parents I hasten to add. It was at a scout event. I hated being a scout. Anywoo, result was that today, jelly in any shape or form makes me feel queasy. And there's so much congealed jelly-like smeg on a traditional zombie. Makes me stomach churn. But I like the decay idea, however, it will be dried out decay;-) Thanks for tip on the book. I may just get it and leaf through it very, very quickly.

  2. Du er en sej tegner Anne. Han kunne snildt gå for at være en af guccis nye (kvindelige)modeller :)

    måske er problemet at det bliver en mellemting mellem en mumie og zombie, og det gør det sværere at få det rigtige udtryk? en zombie må vel gerne være skræmmende og lidt i en daze?

    Det var mit (helt og aldeles ukvalificerede) bud :)

  3. Naa ja, jeg glemta at fortaelle. Hele ideen bag denne fyr er at han blev slaaet ihjel paa vej til sin foerste date. Og nu er han koomet tilbage for at proeve igen. Saa jeg vil gerne ha' at han ser lidt 'indbydende' ud;-) Det er ogsaa derfor at han har Saturday Night Fever jakke paa og hans haar er saa vel-kaemmet. Men ja, han kunne godt bruge nogen 'huller' og saan. Det proever jeg.