Saturday, 4 April 2015

Night Cap

Gerry - wip
... No I'm not referring to alcoholic drinks before bedtime. I'm currently holidaying with my family at my parents' house replete with Photoshop and my travel Bamboo. The ceiling light above the computer in my old room is really rather horrific, however, from a painting point of view. It's right above me, creating a sort of light sheet between my eyes and the computer monitor. And I have discovered the best way to counteract this is to wear a cap, seeing as the shade on the cap breaks up the light. Also, the colour space and accuracy of the monitor is anyone's guess, so apologies if the colours are a bit odd. But I'm not complaining! Merely explaining. After all, I can paint... and that's awesome! :-) So, here's a wip of Gerry from New Tricks... a show which has been going for ten years, but which I only discovered three weeks ago. Go figure ;-)

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